Brand Awareness Article Includes Expert Tip From Dilatation Agency

17 expert tips for building brand awareness in 2019

Check out this article compiling tips on creative ways to build awareness for your brand in 2019. Dilatation Agency’s founder is included as one of the experts. Her advice? Showcase what you can do by using it to help others create content.

“If you are able to build up enough awareness in your product category that resonates well with your target market, you will have reduced the noise of competitors by creating an easy purchase decision for your customers. How? Well, you’ll have successfully eliminated the hassle of researching other options.

If you are looking to successfully boost your brand awareness, you have to stop using tired and recycled tactics. As previously noted, your target market is always on the hunt for something better. To ensure you make a lasting impression as the most popular option on the market, you have to use fresh and exciting strategies.” 

You can read the rest of the article here. If you want the TLDR version, then here’s a quick summary of what others have done that you might be able to apply to your own business building strategy so you can grow this year:

  1. Meet your customers where they are
  2. Get personal with tagging
  3. Be present amongst your audience
  4. Create authentic content
  5. Get your brand out there
  6. Create a nurture funnel
  7. Attend everything within your niche
  8. Implement a link building strategy
  9. Create real experiences to foster genuine advertisements
  10. Hand out fun branded products
  11. Do more with your testimonials
  12. Influencers actually work
  13. Sponsor organizations and events
  14. Help others create content
  15. Invest in podcasts
  16. Focus on your personal LinkedIn
  17. Increase your credibility with reputable endorsements